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Well, my name is irrelevant, but call me Lu if you’d like. Equally irrelevant is my age, nationality, preferred pronoun, sexual orientation and other categories that we arbitrarily choose in order to judge someone. I can say, however, that I study sociology and psychology nowadays. I can say as well that I am deeply interested in human sexuality, feminism, the meanings we give to the body (both ours and more dangerously others’), the non-universality of our mental structures in regards to ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

This is a blog that I am setting apart from my other blog (almost entirely in Spanish – part of the reason I am separating this one), Amaneceres Líricos. This, to have a more specific space, less personal – if in no way objective and very possibly sarcastic -, more pseudo-academic/informative. I’ll have entries written by me, other articles I find interesting and relevant, videos, links to useful websites, etc.

Some past posts will be reposted from my other blog, others will be translated to English – and who knows maybe someday French – and many others will be brand-new.

I believe, and this is why I want this blog to happen, that knowledge definitely gives you power. This means that the better we know our own bodies, our own minds, our society, the more power and control we’ll have over our own lives, our sexuality and our relationships with the world.


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