Quick blog fix: couples edition + le moi on YouTube

I decided to make my first video! yay me. Super informal and kind of not the same format that I’ve been working on with this blog, but I am just testing the waters.

I have been absolutely absent from this place and it is killing me. I have been working on stuff that don’t make me nearly as happy as this blog does, but no one pays me to blog (yet… bahaha.. maybe) and there is no uni course on blogging about social constructs that make me uneasy.

I decided to talk a bit about two terms relating to coupledom: being “taken”, and “serious relationships”, and babble in front of a camera about why these terms have a strong ick factor for me. I leave with a lovey-dovey (but totally heart-felt) message for y’all, though 🙂

I will write more as soon as humanly possible; I have so much to say about so many things, it is insane and excruciatingly painful as I am too busy to elaborate on anything I just said on this vid, for example.

Anyway, let me know what you think about relationships, singledom, couples, monogamy, polyamory. What is your experience regarding status, pressures, ownership, exclusivity, etc?

I’ve been working on a blog post on polyamory for forever, but I am still doing research so it’ll be as comprehensive as I can make it. Any one part of the huge topic that is polyamory that you’d like me to focus on?


One thought on “Quick blog fix: couples edition + le moi on YouTube

  1. Anika says:

    I am following your blog now, I think what you say here is interesting and very true I find. Only tip would be to cut down the moments of silence (I know it is difficult especially if you don t do videos a lot) to move along with the video. Your views are interesting and I laughed a lot with the peeing dog bit. I will check this blog from now on. Cheers!

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