What is a creep, anyway?



So this one is a special share and it is for the boyz.

I have midterms so I cannot write much, but I am always down for some nice sharing.


I just found this YouTube vlog, Modern Primate. I love this guy. He is a straight white guy who speaks up against patriarchy, and as much as I would love a world in which these facts were not in themselves a wonderful special package, we don’t live in such a world. So a guy who is a feminist and a straight white guy is AWESOME.


Here is a vid on his channel that talks about what a creep is and why what creeps do is creepy and sexist and just terrible.


“Not being creepy means never assuming that someone wants to have sex with you.”

I actually clapped and laughed out loud with this video. So true and important to say.


Being a creepy is sexually harassing someone. Harassing people is not cool, it will not get you laid and it just makes you an asshole. K? k.


I will talk more about entitlement, rape culture, and other related stuffs later. Right now I just want to sleep.


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