Cycle of names: Unloading…

As I’ve told you before, I am a compulsive Internet sharer. When I see something that warms up my heart, that makes me think, that makes me cry, I feel the need to share.

Shane Koyczan: “To This Day”… for the bullied and beautiful.

I won’t talk about how much this talk hits home. It does, every single word of it. I will let the talk speak for itself, but I will say this: we are all taught to be bullies, and we are taught to be bullied too.

We teach kids those names they call each other. We teach them what is okay to laugh at, what is necessary to be ashamed of. But we are taught, too, those names. The politician talking about “legitimate rape” carries the word ‘slut’ to every speech, even if he is not saying it. The military man who will tell a boy to stop crying and to man up, carries the word ‘fag’ every night to bed. The TV commentator who will not stop talking about Lady Gaga gaining weight carries the word ‘fat’ every day to the set.

Let’s all unload. Deconstruct every name we’ve ever been called, every name we’ve ever called someone. Why did we do it? Why is it considered a bad thing? Why did it hurt? How much value does our society place on this? Is it fair?



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